Gemlitez Children's Book

Discover the Amazing World of Geology, while Mystic Topaz takes you on an exciting adventure as he meets new gemstone friends. This educational picture book is brilliantly illustrated with vibrant, eye-catching characters that  introduce your child to gemstones and colours. Explore shapes, spot the hidden gemstone on each page and have fun engaging in the Gemtastic activities. Let each dazzling page captivate the geologist in your child! 


Gemlitez is a colourful and beautifully illustrated book with interactive and easy to read sentences. Gemlitez makes it fun and easy for your child to learn about gems. Children of all ages will be drawn into the wonderful world of Gemlitez. — Krystal Kroh (Homeschooling Teacher)

"What an amazing book! I like the simplicity of it for the younger kids, but even older kids will get a great enjoyment out of it because of how well the pictures/ graphics are presented.  I sense that many kids will have fun just looking for things on each page, especially if too young to read the words.  As kids get older, they will be able to follow along with their parents or read it themselves."

— Christina Wagner (Teacher)

This book is an impressive and enjoyable adventure through the world of colours and gems. Introduce your child to colours and the magic of gemstones with the colourful images and simple language that will help them learn to read while engaged in the beautiful illustrations and ingenious activities. A must read for all magical moms raising magical kids. — Stephanie Renaud (Author)

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