Sharing a Dream!​

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario,  I grew up exploring the world of art at a young age. I found it very therapeutic, helping me to express my feelings and release the magical ideas, I had whirling in my mind.


I also became an avid rock collector, mainly collecting white rocks in the parking lot across the way. My love for rocks and sparkling gems has been apart of me throughout the years, but it wasn't until I completed my graphic design degree, that the idea for Gemlitez would awaken!

I put my dreams on the backburner for many years and had many barriers, but God gave me a second chance and challenged me to follow my passion through many ups and downs. So here I am many years later, sharing my love of geology with kids!

Gemlitez explores the world of geology in a fun and educational manner.
I want to bring my love for art and geology to children everywhere and provide a unique experience that's fun, exploratory and brings educational value! 

I believe in giving back to the community through grassroots projects through educational and environmental initiatives. 

~ April Adan



NUPATH -  Member
National United Association of Trained Homeopaths

GMO-Free Windsor-Essex

Mission for Kenya Orphans

International Gem Society
Gemologist in Training

Sierra Club of Canada 
Advocate for Protecting Pollinators

P.O. Box 351, Lakeshore, ON N0R 1N0

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